Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O.T.W.- Part 1 "Peyton Baby"

Whoo! Ryan and I had a busy, busy past weekend.  It actually all started last Thursday-- so I'm going to break this O.T.dub post down into a few parts.

You see, back in August I decided for Ryan's birthday, which happens to be in December (like mine), I would take him to Nashville to see the Tennessee Titan's take on the Indianapolis Colts!! Ryan is a big Peyton Manning fan and when it comes to choosing an NFL team he pulls for the Colts!

So in August I looked up tickets for the game which happen to be scheduled for December 9 (Ryan's bday month), purchased them, and booked a hotel in downtown Nashville right down the street from L.P. Field.

I was supposed to wait and surprise Ryan with the tickets and plan the week of, however, I'm not a good secret keeper so I told him about it in August. (I realize that is ridiculous, but I get super stoked and can't help it)

Last Thursday morning we were packed up and hit the road. Once we got to Nashville we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner. It was so nice to just relax, have some drinks, and enjoy a some good food with Ryan.

After our dinner we rode by the replica of the Parthenon, because it happen to be right across the street from where we ate. I think it is so odd that Nashville has a replica of the Parthenon... I don't really get it.

Next we checked into the hotel. We stayed at the Double Tree Hotel along with every other Titans or Colts fan!! It was a mad house. Everyone was rocking a jersey of some sort, people were drinking beer in the lobby of the hotel, and even cheering on their fans and booing opposing fans. It was exciting!

The weather for the game was forecasted to be cold... like 27 degrees coldb (which is chilly here in the South). So, before walking over to the stadium Ryan and I had to bundle up. I'm a bit on the cold natured side so I took the bundling up serious. I rocked lots of layers... starting with thermals and ending with my full on ski attire. Ain't no shame in my game!

Ryan kept telling me I looked like Ralphie's little brother in The Christmas Story. It was too funny!

The Colts won 30-28 over the Titans! Whoo Hoo! We got to see the Colts and Peyton in real life and we managed to survive four and half hours in the freezing cold.

It was such a great get away. Ryan just about decided that we were relocating to Nashville... and I'll have to say it would be a great town to live.

It was a great early birthday weekend for my boo (and me too)!

Up next "O.T.W. Part 2- E-Town."

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Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

Y'all are too cute. What a great gift!

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