Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O.T.W.- Part 2 E-Town Stay Down

After returning from our quick road trip to Nashville for the Colts game, we quickly unpacked our warm clothes and I repacked for an engagement party for my friend Katie Beth.

However, before I could hit the road to Eufaula, where Katie happens to be from, I had an art show to attend.

My friend, Whitney, who happens to be a free spirit put together an art show. Local as well as out of town artist came together to sell anything from paintings, to photographs, to vintage jewelry! It was really neat.
That's Whit on the left
I went with the intention of buying gifts for others (since it is the season to give) but ended up buying a really cool handmade key chain and some vintage ear rings for myself. Merry Christmas to me!
My cool new earrings.
After the art show I scooped up Deidra and headed to Eufaula for Katie's Engagement Party. Ryan wasn't able to go to Eufaula with me because he had a party to attend for his friends Chase and Brittany, who are getting married this summer.

Deidra and I were supposed to be in a hurry to get to Eufaula but we had to drive through Auburn which caused us to pull over at Amsterdam's Cafe for a late lunch and a glass of wine. Deidra and I laughed that we need to learn that being on a tight schedule did not mean wine and sit down lunch! It all worked out. We were in Eufaula by 5:30, so we had to time to get checked into the hotel and ready for the party.

The party was held at the Shorter Mansion, which was built in 1884. You may recall the front shot of the mansion was used in the movie Sweet Home Alabama. (I love that movie, btw).

People say the mansion might be haunted (or maybe we just decided that because it's a big old house that was built 126 years ago). The mansion was decorated for Christmas and looked beautiful! The upstairs was set up kind of like a museum... Very cool/creepy stuff in glass cases.
This is a mourning dress. After someone's husband passed away a lady was required to wear head to toe black for a year.
I took this picture of my friend Bess looking the mirror... when I looked at the picture on my camera there was a little blond head that was not in the room when I took the picture.

Note the little blond head in the bottom of this picture. Who is that? Why is her reflection not in the mirror?
Hmmmm... what does it all mean? It must be a ghost baby in the mirror...

We also found a secret door. I was scared of it, but I knew one person who wouldn't be... so I told Lacey to investigate. She went in the door and up the stairs... I won't even say what was up there.
 What blurred this picture? A spirit perhaps?
After the party at the Shorter Mansion we decided to do some small town bar hopping, which landed us at a place known as the Airport Lounge. Let just say this place known as the Airport Lounge... was a karaoke bar.

The girls belted out Fancy, Baby Got Back, and the likes... while the boys sang Dinosaur.

Brandon, Katie Beth's fiancee, kept referring to the people at the Airport Lounge as the 'salt of the earth'.

It was a good night in Eufaula... if I'm not mistake at one point while I had the mic in my hand I may have mentioned relocating to this little town on the Georgia line with my husband.

Good Times were had by all!  Sunday we hit the road and once again Auburn sucked us in for a good ole Cracker Barrel breakfast. When I got home I was full tot he brim and smelled of the Airport Lounge... after a good shower I was ready for what will be OTW- Part 3- Candy Day... coming up!

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