Monday, January 3, 2011

Tiny Sip

Welcome to 2011... I'm still trying to figure out where the flying cars are hidden away, but that's neither here nor there.
We brought in the New Year with great friends. Ryan and I headed to Birmingham on New Year's Eve to attend a party at Katie Beth and Brandon's house.

Everyone was told to bring an appetizer and their cocktail of choice. I'll let the pictures tell the story of the night:

Me and the boo about to kick off a fun night!

We may look sweet and innocent here, but don't let it fool ya.

Some how every party ends up in the kitchen. Tiny Sip, anyone?

Bess is random. She wins for the most sparkle in one outfit and she came equipped with glow bands.

Dancing in the living room-- that's when you know a house party has really began!

All the hot girls in one pic.

I spy Lacey peeking at the camera... haha.
Every year at this time people make all sorts of resolutions they may or may not keep. At one point in the night my resolution was to become more like Rhianna. After some sober and more careful consideration I have since decided that it may not be the best resolution (or the most obtainable). Truly in this new year I hope for many of the same things as always... good health for some, quick recovery for those who are having operations this year, closer jobs for others, a deeper spiritual journey for myself, and continued good times and love with my family and friends.

I hope that I can become more organized in 2011, but I'm doubtful, as I genuinely think that it may be a part of my genetic make up to just kind of roll with whatever in that department. I also hope to continue my work out regimen, even though it may not be much of regimen (treadmill, an occasional class, maybe a push up here or there), as I think it's important to stay in some sort of routine, and to learn some healthier menu items for Ryan and I.

2010, you were good! Trust me... I wouldn't change a thing, but here's to 2011 y'all and hoping it is kind to each of us!

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