Monday, December 6, 2010

SEC Champs!

We did it!! Auburn is the 2010 SEC Champions! Ryan and I didn't make it to Atlanta, but we had a gathering of folks at our house to cheer on the tigers as we beat down South Carolina in the SEC Championship.

Deidra and I whipped up a spread for the guys that consisted of wing dip, cookies, and sliders... typical tailgate goodness.

It was exciting and I can only hope we dominate in the same fashion at the BCS National Championship in January!
Deidra and I are scary excited about the win!! (check out Ryan in the background.... he is just as excited he just doesn't show it like we do)

The above photo is of our friend, Mack. He wouldn't pose for a picture because he's a bitter Alabama fan. He was hoping South Carolina beat AU...

I had to toss some bag chairs out in the living room to make room for everyone to celebrate...
but no one seem to mind.


1 comment:

Lacey said...

WAR EAGLE! Mack is a poo poo face haha

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