Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dirty Santa & Tacky Christmas

On the eve before Christmas Eve our friend Whitney hosted a fun little dirty santa/tacky Christmas party!

It's so great when a holiday arrives and long time friends are able to get together before all the family time kicks in to high gear.

Only a few people actually participated in the Tacky Christmas concept.

I had several comments regarding the striking similarity I shared with Ellen Griswold. I took it as a huge compliment.

The Dirty Santa got awfully dirty, which I love! I can't stand to play dirty santa and everyone act as though they are above stealing a gift... the dirtier the better in my opinion (just like a martini).

Then it got late and things got weird... 

...so we called it a night.

It was the perfect way to lead in to the holiday weekend!

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Lacey said...

pure craziness...

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