Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mr. Officer, Mr. Officer... Take your dirty hands off a'her

How did I start my morning you ask? Oh... Well, I got ready to go and actually left the house in a timely enough manner to actually arrive at my work on time. (this is huge for me).

Not even two miles down the road, what did I see? Ahhh... I saw blue lights.

My first thought was I must need to pull over so that the police officer can go around me in order to arrive at whatever emergency he is to responding to. However, when I pulled over... so did he.

I thought to myself. I'm not speeding, I have my seat belt on, my brake lights are working properly.... What could it be????

As the policeman approached my window I had my license and insurance card ready for him. When I rolled down my window I couldn't help but ask, "What in the world are you pulling me over for?"

The rest of the conversation played out like this:

Policeman: "Your tag is out of date, ma'am."
I retorted: "Oh no it is not! I bought my new sticker back in September when I was supposed to."
Policeman: "Well, it says August 2010."
Me: "Well, I don't know why. I waited in line on the last day of September to purchase my new tag."
Policeman: "If it isn't expired then let's see your registration."
Me: "By all means." (fumbles with glove compartment- realize I have registrations from years gone by)
I hand him one and ask if it's the correct year. He says no. I hand him another without checking it and he says that it's the wrong year as well. Finally I grab the last one and hand it to him in a haste without looking at it.
Policeman: Well, ma'am this looks like your problem. 

He then turns the registration back to me... and lo and behold the sticker is still attached to the registration. I never put the updated 2011 sticker on my car tag.

I felt like and idiot and followed up with, "Well, at least you know I was not lying about purchasing it."

The cop then takes my license to run for warrants... (which I told him I didn't have anything like that). When he came back to my car he told me I would have to get out of my vehicle and put the sticker on my tag so that he wouldn't have to write me a ticket.

I politely asked him why he couldn't do it for me... he said it was against policy. (I don't know if I believe that)

Needless to say, I put the sticker on my tag and off I drove... LATE FOR WORK!


Kristen said...

I think he lied to you.......

d.a.r. said...

Hysterical!! This is so something I would do!

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