Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Recap: Part III

Part III: "Down, Down Do Your Dance!"

WOW!! That’s all I can say about the reception. It was so much fun! From day one my top priority was that we host a reception that was fun for everyone.

Once we arrived at Five Star Plantation, Ryan and I were escorted into a separate room with our parents so that we could enjoy sitting down to eat before it got crazy! I loved that we did this. It was the calm before the (prefect) storm. We were able to taste each item on the menu that we had talked about for weeks.

Five Star Plantation is very rustic. It has white fences, and fields surrounding the lodge. It was very country chic… if that makes any sense. I was raised on good ole southern cooking. You haven’t lived in my opinion if you haven’t had a Sunday dinner cooked southern style, so I knew I wanted to play on that for the food.

I elected to have southern cuisine with a five star chief’s twist on it. We had tomatoes stuffed with a black-eyed pea stuffing, baked macaroni and cheese, pulled pork on cornbread rolls, and mini sweet potato pies. We also had grilled veggies and fruit. Mmmmm, it was so good. Perfect even. The chief at Five Star made each item so unique. My vision could not have been executed any better!

After eating Ryan and I cut our cakes, which were beautiful.
The bride's cake was homemade strawberry with cream cheese icing. So good!!

Next up, the wedding party was announced, as well as Ryan and I.

We began our first dance. We danced to Van Morrison’s Crazy Love. Dad and I danced to Van Morrison’s Tupelo Honey.

You give me love, love, love, love... Cazy Love

After the first dances, I greeted some of our guest and decided to grab a drink and hit the dance floor. It was indeed time to get the party started. If this was a celebration of our union... I wanted to truly have as much fun as possible!

I could not have asked for a more perfect reception. I think everyone in attendance had fun. We danced, I may or may not have sang on stage, and we laughed all night. To top it off  the weather could not have been more perfect (as we didn’t have a plan b).

OK. So, Yeah, I did actually sing (not well by any means).... and I think Ryan was really loving it.

It all came together so well. The invitations, the look, the theme, the food, the venue--- it was everything I had envisioned and more.
Invitations via my friend, Katie Beth, over at The Good Stuff

There is one thing about planning a wedding that I learned. Yes, a wedding is about the celebration of love between two people – in our case Ryan and myself of course, but it’s also an out pouring of love from others. We had friends and family do things for us that I would have never imagined. People bent over backwards to attend showers and parties, to help put labels on water bottles, or even to stuff envelopes. We had  friends of our families gift us with items that were well beyond a simple thank you. We had friends and family work their  tails off the week of the wedding to make sure it was prefect for us. Thank you’s will never be enough. In the end our wedding was a celebration of not only our love, but also the love that others have for us, and for our families.

Ryan and I left the reception around 11:30 the night of the wedding. As I look back, I love the pictures of us making our way through the line of lit sparklers to the 1965 Vintage Mustang, which was waiting to whisk us away to our Happily Ever After….

It was quite simply the perfect ending to our perfect day!

**photos marked "Je Vois" in the bottom left corner were courtesy by this lady.

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