Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wedding Recap, PART I

It has almost been three months to the day since Ryan and I got hitched… and so far it’s been a great three months. We have been learning how to cohabitate successfully. We each do things that aggravate the other; he hangs clothes on random chairs in the kitchen to dry… I leave drawers open when I get ready in a hurry, but such is life I suppose.

I feel as though since the wedding I have had time to really reflect on that weekend. It all happened so fast. One plans for months for that BIG day and then it comes in fast and is gone before you know it. 

I don’t think the week leading up to our wedding or the wedding weekend could have been any better. I took several days off from work the week of. I would advise any bride to do the same because it gave me time to get in a few last minute workouts (always good for the nerves), enjoy a mani/pedi, and even time to relax with friends and family for a bit.

On the eve of the wedding day we rehearsed at the church and Ryan’s parents put together a Cajun Inspired Rehearsal Dinner at a shop in the downtown area of my small hometown. It was complete with blackened catfish, low country boil, and crab cakes for the wedding party and family.

Leading up to the wedding I kept thinking “it doesn’t seem real yet” and I just knew that at the rehearsal it would all click… I would have my “ahh ha” moment. However, at the rehearsal we were so busy making sure everything lined up and flowed smoothly that I never stepped back to really embraced it.
At the rehearsal dinner is when I had a moment of “Oh Shit…. This is going down TOMORROW.” Let’s just say I politely hopped up, grabbed a cocktail of sorts and decided not to think about it too in depth. Overall, the rehearsal dinner was lovely.

Ryan and I have a great group of friends that I would consider an extension of our family in a way. The girls and guys that made up our wedding party have played a huge role in both of our lives. The company one keeps really is a direct reflection of the person. Which must mean, ryan and I are pretty spectacular.
Our family and wedding party gave lovely speeches and made heart-warming toast. My MOH, Deidra worked super hard to make sure that the toast the bridesmaids gave was amazing… let’s just say it was complete with props i.e. Campfire vest, American flag bikini, fall ball dress, and my little flower girl, Kylee, even modeled one of my precious dance costumes. It was perfect, just perfect.

Around 11 o’clock, it was time to call it a night. I needed to get my beauty sleep so I bid farewell to our friends and family, kissed Ryan for one last time as boyfriend/girlfriend, and headed on home to my parents' house.

After arriving at my parents' house we reflected on the evening, discussed different things about the coming day, and right before bed my parents tucked me in one last time as Jessica Toland. It was perfect (which you will realize is a term I will use again and again as I do this little recap).


Day Old News said...

"Politely hop up and grab a cocktail" might be my new mantra. No joke, I need that framed on my desk. You look SO BEAUTIFUL! And thank you so much for your nice words on my bloggity. :)

Deidra said...

The whole thing was just an amazing experiece.....good people, great food.

I can't believe it's almost been 3 months!! You're practically an ole' pro. Start working on that "How to be a Great Wife" book any time now!!

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