Friday, July 30, 2010

Fun Fact Friday

Because it's Friday and because I am somewhat random... I'm going to share a few random facts with you all...

Random fact #1: I am a fan of Anthony Bourdain's, No Reservations. I know some people find him rather abrasive (i.e. mom) but I think that's why I love the show so much. He's totally brash and he says things without abandon. I can appreciate that, for sure. He has a great story. I mean, he went from serious heroine addict in 80's-- even spending one Christmas eve on the streets of New York selling records and tapes to pay for his heroine addiction-- to New York Time's best selling author and renowned chef.

His show comes on in the afternoons before Ryan ever makes it home from work. I have no desire to travel to the majority of the places he goes, or eat the majority of the things he does... yet I still find myself quite entertained.

Here's a good article (albeit a little dated) that really captures what kind of chef he is. Check it out sometime.

Random Fact #2:  I made tacos this week. Taco salad to be honest. I realize it's tough to segway from Anthony Bourdain, world renowned chef to Jessica Sanford-- taco salad, but that's how I roll.  I digress... The taco salad was really good and the reason they were so good was because of the cheese sauce I hooked them up with. I got the recipe from a blog post on another site. It's super simple but oh so good... please add it to your next batch of tacos. You won't regret it (although your waistline might).

pic via :: please note the yummy sauce in the above picture

Speaking of recipes... I'm trying this recipe this weekend. It seems so summery and perfect. I will report back on the out come.

Random Fact #3: For no apparent reason I feel the need to express my love for Will Arnett. He cracks me up. He officially owned me durning the short lived show, Arrested Development. From then on any movie he is in, whether the part is big or small-- he always cracks me up.

I think this picture really captures his sense of humor...

Random Fact #4: Ryan and I lost and then found Maggie this week. He had been in and out of the house doing a few things. I had just given her a bath and hadn't put her collar back on. All of a sudden I was all "where the hell is maggie?" which lead to panic because... Where was Maggie?

We frantically looked in the bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, laundry room... No dice. Ryan ran outside and called for her because maybe she slipped out when he was back forth outside.

Ryan was calling for her out in the yard, as Rocky called for Adrian... still nothing. We were almost certain she was gone... and without a collar we would never know what happened. But then I thought just maybe... and that's when we located her in the "office" (which is just a catch all and we keep that room shut off but Ryan had indeed been in there and then closed the door again). She was sitting there laughing on the inside, I'm sure. I think it cracked her up that we were being idiots and yelling for her and she was hanging out in the office all along. We hugged it out and that was that.

Don't be fooled by the innocence she is attempting to convey in this pic.

Random Fact #5: I'm not 15 but I have the hots for Zac Efron. I would love to be his Vanessa Hudgens, but I went and got married so I had to let that dream die.

I don't think he's a phenomenal actor by any means... but he's hot.. and I will probably go see Charlie St. Cloud just because he's in it. Just keeping in real here.

Hope these fun facts about yours truly made you feel more complete.

I also hope everyone has a spendid weekend. Our's will include a little house work, a party and a bit of rest.


d.a.r. said...

Cream cheese....on tacos??!?! Where has this recipe been all my life?! Making this next week. Drooling until then...

Lacey said...

I, too, feel the love for Zack And Charlie St. Cloud!!

Day Old News said...

First, I'm dying laughing at the photo from OTW. That's me and my dog to a T. Secondly, I met Will Arnett and Amy Poehler during a promotional interviews for Blades of Glory and they are truly hysterical and play off each other so well. I refuse to delete any episodes of Arrested Development and have them on my Tivo from 5 years ago still...Happy weekend!!

Day Old News said...

Also, my college roommate was from Alabama, Cullman, to be exact. I'm hoping our next reunion trip will be there since I've never been to the South.

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