Monday, August 9, 2010


This past weekend my friend Lacey married her sweet boo, John.  It was a beautiful weekend on the Lake Martin. The wedding party all stayed in cabins on the lake... it was very much like Summer Camp for the twenty something party goer. We spent Saturday laying out and playing in the water and Saturday night was one rowdy good time.

Apparently, taking pictures of important events such as the ceremony, or friends at the reception, or even pictures of the wedding party hanging out on the lake was not important to me.

I have this one picture (which I stole from Facebook that someone else took-- thanks Mrs. Debbie) of myself with the bride.

The only pictures I took of the entire weekend were these....

(Please disregard the tan lines... I applied SPF 30 so as to avoid them... but it was all for nothing)

Let's just say some fun times were had on the golf cart.


Day Old News said...

Haha, looks like you had fun! So funny because I just walked into our HR office and requested a golf cart because I am constantly lugging stuff from recipe to my office. A joke obvio, but a girl can dream...

Lacey said...

Good times, my friend, good times! I was also without a camera on your big day, we have to rely on others to capture our hotness as we live in the moment! haha

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