Friday, August 13, 2010

Wedding Recap Part IV

Part IV: The Final Installment

My something old... was the baby bonnet I wore the day my parent's took me home from the hospital twenty some odd years ago. With the removal of a few stitches the bonnet became my handkerchief for the day. It was really beautiful.

My something new... was basically every thing I had on. The dress, the shoes, the veil, the earrings, the flower in my hair at the reception... the list goes on and on.

My something borrowed.... was a pin which had belonged to my paternal grandmother. I knew I wanted to somehow incorporate something of my Grandmother Toland's. I was blessed to have my Mom's mother present at every event leading up to the wedding as well as the wedding, but not so with my dad's mother. So, I decided I would pin a broach or pin which had belonged to her to the inside of my dress. My dad's sister let me borrow one that she had inherited. I loved my Grandmother Toland so much and I think she would be really proud of who I have become. It was really special that I was able to remember her on my big day!

My something blue... was my lovely toe clips from the etsy seller B. Poetic. I had originally wanted to wear blue shoes, but once I stumbled upon these toe clips I knew that would be the route I went.

And a six pence in my shoe... My friend, Alana, was kind enough to hook me up with that, as I had forgotten about the last part. Have no fear I rocked a penny in my shoe all day!!

Hope you've enjoyed reading about our wedding (and that I haven't bored anyone too badly). It was so much fun. From the parties and showers, to the bachelorette bash, to the weekend of... it could not have been any better. It was everything we could have ever imagined.

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