Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wedding Part II

(my dad worked hard on the signs that directed guest to the reception location. I thought they were great!)

Hillary posted part two of our wedding on her blog. I have absolutely loved seeing the moments she captured.

(I was in love with my blue toe clips... I got them from the Etsy shop, B. Poetic)

(I also found the flower for my hair on Etsy. It was perfect for the reception!)

The reception was a blast... as is evident from the pictures! Check out Hillary's Blog for the rest of the pictures!

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Little Pieces said...

I love them!!!!! i wish I had been there, it looks like so much fun! You look so pretty! KB said yall were talking about a trip back... I will have my cross dressing, unicorn drink, adventure feelers out for fun stuff if yall come back!

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