Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Peace Out

(this picture has nothing to do with this post. I just think it's really pretty. Snapped it at Jazz Fest on Lake)

Ryan and I are off to the beach this afternoon. Originally we had planned on going to the free Jimmy Buffet, Kenny Chesney, and Zac Brown Band concert, which was scheduled for tomorrow night as a means to bring tourist to the the Gulf Coast.

Long story short (and most of you probably know) we weren't able to get the free tickets on ticketmaster because scalpers grabbed them all up and then proceeded to sell them on Ebay for ungodly amounts. Then Alabama's governor put a stop to that, as the concert was supposed to be free. After that, Jimmy Buffet got mad (not that he called and told me but I can only imagine)... The next thing you know a tropical depression decided to head toward the Gulf of Mexico. It's predicted path is not any where near Gulf Shores/Orange Beach, AL but it could really increase the waves (and the concert would have been on the beach). So lastly, the concert has been rescheduled for next weekend.

At the end of the day, we are going to the beach but without the excitement of a free concert! However, I love the beach and I booked a condo that has a great pool. So, should the oil try to discourage me from having a good time in the ocean I will simply take it on up to the pool.

I tell you all of that to tell you this story...

Since Ryan and I are going to the beach for the weekend we had to find Maggie a babysitter.

Enter Ryan's parents coming through for us!  ::thanks benny and lu::

Well, this morning Ryan had to take Maggie to work with him [I was super jealous because how cool would it be to take your dog to work with you] unitl lunch when his mom could come by and take her to their house.

I had Maggie's bag packed and ready to go when I left the house this morning. All Ryan had to do was grab her bag, the kennel, and her leash and hit the road.

Around 9 o'clock this morning I had a missed call from Ryan so I called him back. I was sure he was calling to inform me that Maggie had been so sweet and innocent!

I was wrong. On Ryan's way in to Roanoke this morning he had to stop by a shop in Wadley (I think it's in Wadley... I could be wrong but that's beside the point). He decided to leave the car running while he ran in to drop off the delivery and Maggie would chill in the car for all of five minutes.

Upon returning to the car Ryan realized sweet and innocent Maggie had locked him out!!

I can picture her sitting in the car listening to the radio and enjoying the cool air conditioning while Ryan had to go back in the shop and ask for help.

Long story short, 10 people attempting to unlock the car, Ryan's dad driving almost all the way there with a spare key, and 30 minutes later... sweet Maggie simply unlocked the car and let Ryan back in!
(Mags looks a lot different now, as she recently had the most gnarley hair cut)

I think Maggie totally knew what she was doing. This morning Ryan told Maggie he was taking her to the pound as I was packing her stuff up (he was kidding and Maggie has thick skin-- so it was all in good fun). But Maggie decided to get back at him.... Payback's a bitch or so they say.

Is that not so funny? She is such a mess. I sure hope this isn't a sign of how the weekend will go with Maggie staying at The Sanford's. ::crossing my fingers she's really sweet and well behaved::

I shall have pictures when we return from the beach. I will also be reporting on the oil situation. Check back next week.

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GiGi said...

That is hillarious!!!!!!!!! LMAO

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