Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book to Movie

There are two books that are being made into movies which I am excited about. Like I've said before, I love to read! I like anything from a good romance novel, to an edge-of-your-seat Mystery, or even a book about the supernatural (i.e. vamps and whatnot). I love when a book is made into a movie because it can bring to life what you've imagined while reading. Nine times out of ten a movie can't live up to the book, but on occasion it does. For example... the Harry Potter series or The Notebook.

This summer one of the more recent books I've read is being made into a movie-- EAT, PRAY, LOVE.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It's broken down in to three parts-- get this, section one is EAT, section two is PRAY, and section three is LOVE.

I love that it is a true story of one woman's journey from divorce and being at what she feels like is the very bottom to finding her way back from the edge. She spends one year traveling to three different countries. She begins in Italy where she eats her way through pasta and wine. She then heads to India to an Ashram where she has a spiritual rebirth, if you will. And finally, she head to Indonesia where she learns she can love once again.

I had a tough time with the "Pray" section of the book. I kept wanting to skip ahead but I stayed the course and I'm glad I did. (I'm not really a yogi so...)

Julia Roberts plays the main character and it looks like it should be a really good book to movie adaptation.

The second book that I absolutely love which is being made into a movie is Water for Elephants.

I could not put this book down. From start to finish I loved it. It is about a young man, Jacob, who has everything one could imagine. He has recently graduated from an ivy league school with a vet degree when he learns both of his parents have been killed in an accident. Unaware of how to handle the tragedy, Jacob simply decides to run away from the problems. Not long after hitting the road he comes across a traveling circus and he is hired as their vet. The plot only thickens from there...

The actor chosen to play Jacob is none other than Robert Pattinson. The person hired to play his love interest is one of my all time favorites, Reese Witherspoon.

Sadly this film just started shooting scenes last month, so we probably have a pretty good wait. But wait I will, my friend, because I am excited to see this movie.


Beach Vintage said...

I love Julia Robert and cant wait to see this film. Thanks for popping by Beach Vintage last week and I hope to see you again..

Katie Beth said...

I just finished "Water for Elephants" last week (finally) and I loved it! I couldn't put it down either! I had no idea it was being made it a movie - how exciting! And with those stars - wow! Can't wait!

I think I am going to start "Eat, Pray, Love" next. Maybe I can finish it before the movie comes out!

aLiSoN said...

So, I started Water for Elephants a few weeks before I had Gabe, and didn't get to finish it. This post makes me want to bring it off the shelf again. Thanks for the motivation!

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