Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Our society is so wild.

I was talking with my friend, Lacey, last night about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and how BP has done a piss poor job working it out.

She had been at her art class and the topic came up... her art teacher is in her sixties and what some would term a "hippy." Basically, the conversation boiled down to the fact that our generation (or my generation) doesn't rage against the system. We don't show enough emotion. I mean, sure, people have been outraged about this oil spill but back in the sixties people would have banned together and made a stand.

In 2010, we talk about how mad we are about it, how BP is terrible, facebook statuses are updated regarding the oil spill, articles about how ridiculous BP has handled the situation is forwarded from friend to friend... but has anyone made a stand? (and for that matter what type of stand does one make?)

Someone needs to hold BP accountable. Apparently that's the problem. According to an article I read, BP had over 700 safety violations in the last three years. Exxon had only one. Who do they answer to?
I mean, BP is a MAJOR oil company. How does one go against the MAN? What is the answer?

Simply put-- This oil spill is tragic and has been mishandled... and BP needs to be held accountable. period.

And while I'm on the topic of our society... How in the world did this man's opinion become valid???

I realize he has nothing to do with the oil spill, but I find my self wondering why someone hasn't figured out a way to cap his mouth shut.  But that is a soap box for another day...


Lacey said...

I love it--so angry!

Katie Beth said...

BP said they can get off cheaper paying the fines rather than fixing the problems to prevent other violations...and I am sure the count will keep increasing.

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