Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rock of Love

A dream, to crazy not to share.

I am an "active" sleeper. I talk in my sleep, I move around all night long, and I occasionally walk in my sleep, or yell at you about who knows what!

Well, I have heard of brides having dreams or, better yet, nightmares related to their wedding! *knock on wood* This hasn't been the case for me.

I have, however, been having dreams that are realted to the fact that I am getting married. Most recently, I had this dream:

I was at the beach with my friend Lacey and her mom. (not sure why) We had decided to walk down to the boardwalk. Once we arrived at the boardwalk, Lacey and her mom venture along the pier. I suggest to the two of them that we should go play in the ocean. Neither of them are really up for this idea, so being the independent person that I am, I tell them that I am going down to play in the waves on my own. They are fine with this and I take off.

The ocean is perfectly clear. The waves are crashing in and I am jumping up and down. I'm having so much fun, when all of a sudden some man comes up behind me and picks me up. He's strong and he's holding me as if I weight but only 105 pounds (which isn't far off in real life). The sea water is in my eyes and I can't make out who it is that is holding me... he's unfamiliar. He then begins to tell me that he loves me and he can't live without me. He goes on and on about what a great person I am... how I'm so kind, and so giving, and he cannot possibly go on in life if I don't agree to run away with him!

At this point... I finally make out who the man is... I am only familiar with some of his work. I do not know him personally.

I quickly stop him and explain to him I am spoken for (because this is 1905) and that I am getting married very soon. I tell him that he is too late. No one can ever compare to Ryan! I then shake his hand and walk away. 

I rejoin  Lacey and her mom on the peir. They have been watching the entire scene play out. Lacey asks, "What did Dwayne want with you?" and Mrs. Linda said,  "From where I was standing it looked like Dwayne was out of line!" I recap what just happened on the beach below....

.....and then I wake up!!!!

Are you wondering who the strong man, whom Lacey and her mom referred to as Dwayne [like we know him]? Well, it was none other than


What the hell? Who has dreams about "The Rock" being in love with them? Why couldn't it have been Brad Pitt, Gerrad Butler, or even Zac Efron? Nope. I dream that "the rock" is madly in love with me...

I recapped the dream for Ryan and he cracked up when I told him who I had dreamed about.

The moral of the story is this: Even in my dreams- I'm faithful!!  I shut "the rock" down because I'm spoken for!

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Lacey said...

hahahaahahha!!! Hilarious--totally made my day! Me and Linda were so proud you shut down Dwayne! And you were talking like that because of True Blood!

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