Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I don't sit down for two full hours to watch the show Dancing with the Stars. It's more of something I put the TV on while cooking dinner or cleaning. I'll stop what I'm doing to watch when certain celebrities dance.

This season I was most interested to see how Kate Gosselin, of Jon and Kate + Eight, did.

Let me just say that she needs to head back home and raise those babies. Dancing is not her thing. Quite frankly, the show is making her seem kind of like a bitch... not so sure this is the best image for Kate. I think it worked out more in her favor when her image was that of a scorned wife and single mother. At least I liked her better in that role.

She may stick around for the entire season... but she would have to come a loooong way.


Lacey said...

touche--go mother your many many children

Deidra said...

Dido----if she IS going to hang around for a while, she needs to get a flexibility coach---strech out those legs!!

I mean, I'm not traning to compete in gymnastics, 2012 Olympics myself, BUT I do think I could pull off the leg lift!!

Blaire Wood said...

call me ghetto, but when i saw DWTS i thought it was "down with the south." what is wrong with me?

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