Monday, March 29, 2010

O.T.W. (over the weekend)

Whoo. To say I'm tired this morning is an understatement. We ventured to Andalusia, Alabama over the weekdend for a wedding that Ryan was in. Two of his best friends from high school tied the knot!

We drove down Friday afternoon and came home yesterday. It was action packed. We attended the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner Friday night. The rehearsal dinner is always such a fun time. It's so sweet to hear the different friends and family share stories about the couple. The slide show is always a bit of a tearjerker.

Some of the groomsmen with the groom. (groom is in blue)

The same picture, but this time Gus (in orange) is suggesting that everyone in attendance show their tatas!

Me and My Boo! (isn't ryan a hottie?)

Brittany or roomie for the weekend.

We roomed with Chase and Brittany. Two of Ryan's friends from back home. The guys had pictures and what not during the day Saturday, so Brittany and I passed the time by grabbing lunch and getting a pedicure.

The wedding was beautiful. So sweet! The reception was a where everyone let their hair down. We spent the night dacing and having fun. Seldom do all of Ryan's friends from high school all end up together for a weekend of fun, but this past weekend they did just that.
Prom pose!

The Maid of Honor with Brittany and I.

The lovely bride getting down!

All the guys having too much fun!!

What a weekend!! For the most part everyone had a lot of fun and were on their best behavior. Congratulations to Nutt and Meg... who are in Mexico right now taking it easy. Oh, how jealous am I?

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