Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O.T.W (over the weekend)

I have something on the agenda every. single. weekend. until our wedding on May 15! This is so wild to me and a bit overwhelming. But the way I look at it you only get married once so let's party hard, man.

This past Friday night was Lacey and John's Engagement Party. It's a party that the hometown girls' parents put together for each girl once she becomes engaged (I guess that's pretty obvious). Mine was back in January. Each party has the same concept- good food, good music, and great friends all coming together in celebration of LOVE.

I'm sure Lacey will do a more indepth post, but here are a few pictures from the evening.:

Mr. Blake giving a toast... If I'm not mistaken her referenced a man name, Tom, who didn't have a thumb. I think he said they called him, get this, Tom Thumb.
Me and my boo, with Justin and Kaci.

Mack, Kyle and Jackson enjoying the party!

Me and the girl of the hour!!

Lacey and John's engagement party moved on down to John's house on the lake. I had told everyone that Ryan and I would not be attending the after party because I had to be on my A-game early Saturday morning. However, after Ryan and I hopped in the car and saw everyone leaving, we just couldn't help ourselves. We like to be a part of the party- so off we went late into the night....

...which made it quite difficult when my alarm went off at 8:30 on Saturday morning. I had a brunch in my honor and I couldn't be late. You know the saying, "if you're going to be dumb, you've got to be tough?" Well, I told myself that over and over as I was getting ready to go Saturday morning.

The brunch was themed 'Monograms and Mimosas.' It was for my mom's closest friends. Saturday morning was beautiful and we sat on the porch of the old house where the shower was hosted and enjoyed mimosas. Oh, I could have sat out there all morning, sipping the sweet champange infused orange juice, while the sun beamed down and the flowers bloomed.

Mother of the bride, myself, and mother of the groom!

My sweet Aunt Celia, my mom's good friend, Linda and Ryan's mom.

After enjoying the beautiful morning we ventured inside for brunch, which consisted of breakfast casserole, fresh fruit, hash brown casserole, and coconut cake. After the lovely brunch it was time for presents!!

I (we) got so many great things. From a monogrammed apron to stationary, picture frames, towels... you name it, if it could have a monogram on it I probably got it.
Just call me Vanna White... look how I'm showing off those gifts!

The ladies who hosted the party were so sweet to do so. My mom was so excited that we were having a party for her closest friends to attend.
The hostesses with mom and myself.

The weather was perfect, the company was great, and the shower, overall, could not have been any better!

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