Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Shower

Over the weekend I was given my first bridal shower. It was a miscellaneous shower, given by several of my mom's closest friends.

I had been looking forward to it all week. When Saturday finally arrived I was beyond excited.

The grandmothers, mothers, and bride!

The lovely ladies who were kind enough to host the shower!

From L to R: Cindy, (me), Alison, and Lacey.
Cindy, Alison and I take it way back... like all the way back to preschool.

Kylee, one of the sweet flower girls. She looked so cute, with her little cardigan on.
She wasn't exactly ready for this picture...

No wedding post could be complete without a picture of me and the MoH!

Bless Lacey's heart. She had to travel last week for work, so she had to take
the red eye from California Friday night in order to make it to the shower.
I'm just sayin... that's a true friend. Way to work it out Lacey.
(oh and btw- "great picture")

My sweet sister-in-law to be... Also known as the "wedding historian."
She captures all the memories!

We got lots of great presents. I'll have to say Ryan was really loving this gift.
It's a modern picnic basket, filled with all sorts of tailgating goodness!

Ryan was sweet enough to stop by towards the end of the shower to help pick up all the gifts!
These are just a few of the wonderful things we received from amazing friends and family.
Check out that KITCHENAID MIXER- my dream came true. I forsee cupcakes in the future.
We also received a great food processor, Paula Deen Cookware, and a number of other misc items.

I could not have asked for a better shower. All my family and friends made a huge effort to be there. The ladies who hosted the shower did an amazing job with everything from the food to the set up.
 Ryan and I are beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.


Lacey said...

What can I say--sometimes you have to work it out! You are so much tanner than me, I'm getting 2 spray tans this week!

Lacey Bean said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! These next two months will fly by for you - trust me!! :) And I was so excited to get a Kitchen Aid mixer at my shower too!! :)

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