Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Couple of Tunes for Your Listening Pleasure

I came across these tunes, by a couple of our good friends, today and was really feeling them. Our good friend DJ (Daniel Jackson) has a great voice and love for music... (he's hooking the wedding ceremony up in a few months). When I came across the two songs I knew I should share them.

The first song is DJ with our other good friend Richard Brand (richard also has a passion for music):
Rain Acoustic by djacks50
"Rain Acoustic" Written by: Richard Brand  Recorded by: Daniel Jackson & Richard Brand

I'm really feeling the vibe...
The second song is just DJ:
Make It Right by djacks50
"Make it Right" Written by: Daniel Jackson  Recorded by: Daniel Jackson

Please let me know if you own a major recording studio and need their contact info for a huge record deal...

DJ/Richard- should something big come from me featuring you on Stage Fright Jitters, I expect a small cut. Thanks.

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