Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner (as in this Sunday). I love the super bowl because it marks the end of football for several months, which in turn makes Ryan feel sad and lost that football will be over for several months.

However, this super bowl is a big deal. Why? Well, because it's The Colts vs. The Saints.

This is huge! As I have mentioned several times... Ryan has a "man crush" on Peyton Manning. He's a huge fan... Ryan goes on and on about what a great guy Peyton is, what a great athelete he is, how smart he is...

...which makes perfect sense because he and Peyton go way back.
(this picture was in no way altered. ha.)

So, undoubtedly, we will be pulling big time for the Colts to come out on top this Sunday!!

We will probably have a few folks over, enjoy some finger foods, and have a few cocktails. Let see if Peyton can live up to Ryan's expectations...



Lacey said...

hahahaha you need to print that picture out and frame for Ryan! I will probably pull for the Saints just because Reggie is Kim K's man! haha

Deidra said...

HAHAHAHAHA... I was thinking the same as lacey...frame this and give it to him when you get him that licensed jersey!!!

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