Monday, February 15, 2010

What Snow Means in the Deep South...

Here's a fun fact for you: This past Friday (Feb. 12) 49 of the 50 US States had snow on the ground in some part of the state. Hawaii was the let down state... Damn you, Hawaii! Ok... now on to the what snow means in the deep south (and a few survival tips):

(Can we say free advertising for a certain business? I'm always looking out for the team.)

1. As soon as the weatherman predicts there might be a chance of snow, one must run to the local grocery store and purchase the following items: bread, milk, and canned goods. You will not make it through the snow storm (by snow storm I mean 2-4 inches) without the above referenced items.

2. One must close shop/business at first sign of a snowflake.

I tend to favor this rule, as I had a snow day this past friday. No, the roads weren't icy (YET) and No, I didn't go home to get out of the snow. I actually proceeded to step three…

3. Call up a good friend and request a lunch date at one of your favorite local haunts. Lunch must consist of bloody marys and idle chit chat- while peeking out the window every so often to ensure that it is, in fact, still snowing.

4. One must wear headgear of any kind on a snow day... see picture above. It is vital to survival

5. One must document the snow day by taking pictures. Many, many random pictures. Pictures of the random snow covered tree in the front yard, the random snow covered tree in the middle of town, and even an 'artsy' picture of a snow covered pine tree. We will need record of the Snow Storm of 2010. To ensure public documentation of the snow day one should post pictures to facebook

6. Cancel all plans. After dark one should not be on the roadways. It could be icy or worse (I'm not sure what "worse" could possibly entail...)

7. After surviving the snow storm take the dog out you've been babysitting and let her enjoy the snow. Just because...



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