Monday, February 1, 2010

A Wedding Update

Oh... I had no idea you wanted to be updated on my wedding planning.

I will start by saying that some days I feel like I have two full time jobs... One that pays me to help lead people in a better direction in life and one that doesn't pay at all and requires me to plan a wedding.

Who knew how much went in to planning a wedding? You have to decide where to get married, where to have the reception, choose a dress, choose a bridesmaids dress, a flower girl dress, flowers, napkins, invitations, save the dates, music, band, food, pictures..... oh the list goes on and on. However for the most part it's a lot of fun!

So far we have accomplished all the big-ticket items. We know that we're getting married at the First Baptist Church in Alexander City (it's just so pretty) and our reception will be at Five Star Plantation. I have designed a cake to die for... I love it. The save the dates have been mailed out...

Now it's just a lot of detailed planning. Like who should sing? Should more than one person sing? What should they sing? Do we light a unity candle or not? Who rings the bell before I come in? Who should we ask to cut the cake? Should we pay someone to address the invitations?

I'm not the kind of person that worries too much about the details. I have a "just get it done, whatever" kind of approach. Not Type A at all.... but that's for me to worry about not you.

While I figure out all the details of this shindig you can venture over to our wedding website by clicking here. It's a work in progress, but you can meet our wedding party, find out where I've registered so far, and even obtain directions to each event location.

I will be updating the website as I register at more places... hopefully I can work that out this weekend.

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