Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

This Sunday (June 21) is Father's Day and this is my Dad...

Hey DAD!

He enjoys doing the following:

  • Hitting up a golf course on Saturday morning (or any day for that matter)

  • Working on our farm. Whether it's harvesting the land or working the cattle- he loves it all.

  • And, of course, grilling. What man doesn't love to grill? And he's good at. I would much rather have his steak over any restaurants.

I would go so far as to say he loves all those things in that particular order. But above all that he loves his family. He loves us (harley included).

I have never met one person that couldn't get along with my dad. He's laid back and easygoing. He has a really good heart and great sense of humor (I think this is where I get all my wittiness). So I salute you Daddy. Mr. Saturday Golfer. Mr. Griller Extraordinaire. Mr. Harvest the Land. This Sunday is about you.

Plus, I would never want you to be left out... You are now as famous as mama. It's your turn to enjoy it. Relish in it, even. The spotlight is on you.

Happy Father's Day.


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