Monday, June 29, 2009

Let Freedom Ring

This weekend we get to celebrate the 4th of July. Woohoo! I love a good holiday, if for no other reason than it means my week of work is cut short- and who can complain about that? I love a short work week. All weeks, in my opinion, should be four day work weeks... but that's not why I'm here. Not to rant about having the need to work less. Nope. As strong as I feel about that- it's not the reason I'm here.

I'm here to let you all know how super pumped I am about having a holiday this weekend. My family has rented a cabin on the lake for the entire week. Yep. That's right. The whole, entire week. Should you need me this week (after work hours- for the most part) you will be able to find me at our little, humble, rented-for-the-week abode.

We plan on having as much fun as possible. I have taken a half day off on Wednesday in order to fully show my love for the cabin. I mean don't you think it would have been rude of me to work everyday and not take any time off to enjoy the little lake cabin? I do too.

Yesterday it was officially ours... so we headed on down. I hope that every day that we are there is equally as fun as yesterday because we did all sorts of fun things...

We fished (can't much say I ever saw anyone catch anything other than a tree),

and we danced,

and we ate some good food (which is a guarantee if your around my family),

and we even found some time to relax. Praise the lord for that. Can I get an amen, sistah?

I know it's just Monday- and you could accuse me of being a bit overzealous in my excitement for the weekend's festivities, but as far as I'm concerned the holiday started yesterday. So I am off to slip my bathing suit on under my work clothes so I can leave from directly from the office and head on down for an afternoon swim while taking in a beautiful sunset.

It should be lots of fun for the family to spend this holiday celebrating our independence together on the lake. Ohhhh the glory of it all.

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