Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's JUNE in Alabama

Which means it's starting to get hot. It's not as hot as, let say, August will be, but it's HOT all the same. According to the weather channel, it is currently 88 degrees Fahrenheit and feels like 91. I have a little fan plugged up in my office and it's just a running. My office is still hot though. It's hot outside. I wish I were jumping of a diving board into a cool refreshing pool.

For some reason as I sit here I can't help but think about the movie, My Girl. Who didn't love that movie? So good. Look at Vada and Thomas J.

The scene that I keep thinking of is the one where Vada Sultenfuss (main character) is in her summer poetry class (the one taught by the English teacher she's in love with) and everyone is taking turns reading their poetry. All the poems are so deep and meaningful and then it's Vada's turn. She reads proudly:

"I scream.
You scream.
We all scream for ICE CREAM."

I say all of that to say... I wish I had one of these...

or one of these...

or even one of these (preferably the chocolate one)!

Basically, I am screaming for some Ice Cream.

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