Thursday, June 25, 2009

Movie Review

Last night Ryan and I watched the movie Gran Torino. He's been wanting to watch it for weeks now. I, on the other hand, have been super reluctant. I had seen the previews and felt like I knew exactly what kind of movie it would be.

I like movies that are dramatic but I just felt like this movie was going to bring me down. You know what I mean? Like it would be such a heavy topic that it would be more of a chore to watch than an enjoyment.

But let me tell you- I was WRONG. I loved it. It is such a great story about coming to terms with one's past and embracing others. I laughed and I cried like a baby. You know the kind of crying during a movie when you don't want anyone to know your crying so your taking deep breaths and trying not to sniffle. Yeah. That was me. I didn't want Ryan thinking I was being dramatic. But this movie pulled at my heartstrings.

If you don't have much on the agenda this weekend. You should, for sure, check out Gran Torino. You won't regret it.

Hopefully, I will get to choose the next movie Ryan and I watch. If so, I will pick this one:

It should probably be as good as Gran Torino. I'm sure we will laugh and cry and Ryan will walk away from it with a new appreciation for my love of shopping. (note the sarcasm) I really am excited... and in all honesty, Ryan will probably make me watch this one alone... and that's fine too.

And now to make movie watching easier for you. I am giving away a one year subscription to NetFlix. Just post a comment in the comment section and we shall see who the lucky winner is one day...NEVER- What do you think this is? Pioneer Woman? I don't have those kind of funds yet. But this post did seem like the kind that would segway into a NetFlix giveaway. haha. Hope your not mad. One day when my blog is HUGE- I will for sure have give aways... just not there yet. :)

What's the latest movie you've watched? I would love some suggestions.

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Lacey said...

OH Jessica! I was about to go in for the Netflix! You are such a tease!

I want to see both of those movies as well. I did read the book, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Fun chick lit.

The last recent movie I saw was The Hangover...but I'm for sure going to see The Proposal this weekend. My Sister's Keeper also comes out tomorrow, I believe.

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