Monday, June 1, 2009

The long awaited MD ReCAP

So Memorial Day weekend has come and gone and boy it was a good one. The weather wasn't so great, however, we didn't let that bring us down. Ryan and I got in some family time as well as some great time with good friends.

Saturday morning we awoke to mostly cloudy skies and lots of rain. It would rain for an hour straight, and then it would lighten up, and eventually would stop... Just when we knew it was about to clear up it would start to rain again. It made for a slow start to the holiday weekend. We ended up going down to a friends house on the lake and made the best of it. Luckily for us it cleared up that afternoon and into the evening. The guys enjoyed "throwing some shoes" or for those of us not from the deep south... they played horse shoes and we even got them to all get together for a cool group pic. (I attempted to get them to all jump in the air, while holding hands... but they weren't going for that...)

See that dog. His name is pete. He's a golden doodle and he's is so sweet. This is pete up-close:

While the guys enjoyed doing manly things, we girls had a mini photo shoot. Pretty random, I know. Here are a few pics:

So natural.

Please note Lacey's cool retro bathing suit. She's in with the trends, that one!

After enjoying the afternoon down at John's, Ryan and I, met my parents for some family time. You see, some of my mom's family was camping on a island on the lake. They went out there on Thursday and stayed until Monday. This was so wild to me. They braved the entire weekend out there- even though it RAINED a pretty good bit. Not really my idea of the ideal way to spend a holiday weekend, but to each their own, right?

Saturday night my parents, Ryan, Deidra, Shaun, Ty and myself ventured out to the island to grill out with the campers. Once we arrived I completely understood how they were making it. They had it all- coffee maker, four tents, tables, chairs, all the food you could imagine... they even had a dang gas grill out there. Needless to say, they weren't totally roughing it.

Here are some pictures from the time that I was on the island:

The next few pictures really make me laugh. The song, "Diggin' Up Bones" by Randy Travis came on the radio and one thing lead to another... and the next thing you know- we were all "diggin' up bones." It's kind of like the newest dance trend to an old song. It could be compare to the "da stanky leg" for those of you who are familiar.

By the time Sunday arrived I was desperately hoping that nicer weather would arrive too. But we woke up, yet again, to a torrential down pour. *whonk whonk whonk (debbie downer)* However, we had plans. As not to be defeated by Mother Nature we put on our best suits (swim that is) and flip flops and hit the road. We were bound for my friend Brittany's house for boating, swimming, and even more grilling fun! By the time we arrived the sun was attempting to peak through the clouds... and I looked to the heavens and I said "Please shine Sun. Please prevail." I really did. I was that dramatic about it. Then I looked at Ryan and told him to plead with me... he didn't really want to, but I was persistent. So he did. He said, "Please shine so Jessica will quit making me do weird stuff." And then you know what happened? It stopped raining. just like that. no more rain. (in your best forest gump voice) And we spent the day cruising on the boat.

We cruised right on over to Uncle Larry's house (brittany's uncle- not mine). He has the best house. It is so neat... it could be compared to Swiss Family Robinson's crazy pad. No kidding. I have pictures to prove it. Check out the rope swing. It has a high dive. Paddle boats. Even a water slide. It takes you back to being a kid. We are always so grateful that Uncle Larry allows us to come over. Uncle Larry, if you're reading this (which you are probably NOT) Thanks for hosting us each year!

Here are some pictures of the boat ride over to Larry's and then a pic of Uncle Larry's house...

On the way over... Fun times!

And this is the best house ever. Crazy fun times have been had here:

Sunday night we all headed over to the Lake Martin Amphitheater for a concert. The Atlanta Rhythm Section, Georgia Satellites, and The Marshall Tucker Band all performed. I personally love the set-up of the amphitheater. Take a blanket, pack a cooler, kick your shoes off and jam out. I wish all concerts were set up in that manner.

I think we were going for the "peace, love, & happiness" vibe.

It was a long weekend. By the time Monday rolled around all I could do was kick back and relax. It was truly a good time had by all! God Bless America!

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Brittany Bain Stegall said...

dang i love you man. i can't stop laughing. md 09 was a success, even despite the rain.

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