Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 Fun Facts...

I just felt like sharing a few fun facts today. So here you go:

Fun Fact #1- I rode a mechanical bull one night. Don't ask. I was in Nashville for a Bachlorette Party- hence the attire. Enough said.

This is how it ended. Don't worry, no one was harmed.

That's me right there. In the bottom corner.

Fun Fact #2- I am so ready for Lake Days. I just about can't stand it. Then I go and do something stupid like look at pictures like these...

And it makes me want to be on a noodle at Chimney Rock even more. That was a huge mistake on my part. Note to self: NEVER look at fun lake pictures on pretty days when cooped up inside.

Fun Fact #3- Ryan has liked me for a while. I think you should all know exactly which night Ryan realized he had it pretty bad for yours truly. It was the weekend Auburn played Buffalo- the year of 2006. A large group of friends spent the evening at the notorious, War Eagle Supper Club. I think that he had always been kind of crushing on me- but something about the romantic setting the supper club creates- maybe it's the shot bus or the musty smell- but I honestly think this is when Ryan realized he loved me. [Please note it would be several months before he could confess this to me- timing wasn't quite right just yet]

Here's the Group Shot:

Find Ryan- Now find me. I'm just sayin'

I think these fun facts about me should hold you all over. Now I am off to the gym- so as to look half way decent in my new bathing suits that I just ordered from Vicky S.


eat-a-heaps said...

please check out my artwork...

Lacey said...


These are all reasons why we are friends! NO lake pictures while at work--it makes you want to cry, quit work, and be a poor nomadic hobo that lives on the shores of lake martin, living off the land but getting tan while doing so.

Ryan can't help but be obsessed with you--who isn't???

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