Friday, May 1, 2009

The Kentucky Derby!

Oh how I wish I were posting about how excited I am to be going to The Kentucky Derby this weekend, but I'm not. I'm not going, but I would love to go just once- and not to the in-field. I want to dress up in a fancy dress and put on my big hat and order a few mint juleps... while Ryan politely takes several hundred dollars and bets on the horse of my choosing... Then in a perfect world that horse wins and Ryan and I laugh and jump up and down (but in a very sophisticated way) Then we would finish the night enjoying the high life and all of our new found riches. That is the Kentucky Derby experience I one day hope for.

However, it would probably go more like this: We freak out because our "fancy" isn't fancy enough. My hat seems cool when I purchase it, but looks awful the day of. I order a mint julep and realize I don't have much of a taste for it... then we put the rest of the money we have with us on the horse of my choosing (which I choose because it's a pretty horse) and of course it loses and we are too broke to make the journey home. At which time- we have to call home for our parents to wire us money for gas to get back.

Maybe one day, when I am fortunate enough to experience the Kentucky Derby, it will be somewhere in between, if not the first of, the two above mentioned scenarios.

I do have $100.00 riding on the derby this year. It's true. I do. I entered a "Derby Pot" if you will, with my co-workers and if one of my two horses wins I will have $100.00 in my pocket come Monday morning. Oh it just makes it so much more fun! Now I realize I only paid in $10.00 so technically I think I only have "$10.00 riding on it" but I have already spent the $100.00 in my mind on a new pair of Ray-Bans so that means I need one of my horses to win.

The two horse I drew are:

"General Quarters"

and- "Pioneer of the Nile"

Normally I wouldn't know one thing about a race horse (unless it was Seabiscuit-just because I watched that movie) but I have done some research this morning and I think that Pioneer of the Nile has a good chance. But I feel like General Quarters needs my support too- he didn't get there by being a slow poke.

So this weekend. Have a mint julep, put on a big hat, and please, please pull for Pioneer of the Nile and General Quarters. Thanks.
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