Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm feeling a bit Random Today...

Or better yet, I have been random all week. I have surfed the web and discovered a few places some of you may know about... but I didn't. I'll share a couple of these places. I learned that in Prague (or about 50 miles outside of Prague) there is a little church that is made up human bones. Really. Not even kidding. HUMAN BONES! It's pretty creepy. Here's a link so you can learn about it too... I told you I was random today. Look how scary- ewww.

A girl can really learn about some crazy stuff while surfing the web. Another place I discovered was this hotel: It's a dang hotel made right out of ice. So wild. How would anyone ever think to do that? I hate being cold and I certainly don't think I would enjoy spending the night in a hotel made of ICE! The hotel is built out of ice from the frozen Thorne River each winter. Once spring/summer roll around the hotel melts away... the river returns. Random Indeed!

I think that I should also let you all in on something else. I made my flower arrangement this week. Didn't like it. End of story. I need practice. My ideas and creativity far exceed my ability to execute properly. The flower arrangement that I made was made of dark red and cream roses- I didn't create the arrangement in the correct type of vase, therefore it wasn't what I had envisioned. I was trying to work with something I had around the house without having to purchase something. Lesson learned. I will NOT give up on my dream though. I'll just continue to practice. I think that is what will really help me move right along in improving my desired skill. here's a picture anyway...

I also created this sweet little thing. The lighting is all wrong, but it such a sweet little arrangement. You can't really tell by the picture, but the arrangement is in an old pitcher. Loved it!

I went out on a limb this week and supplied a small, less fortunate child with a pair of shoes. By that I mean I bought myself a pair of TOMS. For every pair of TOMS (which is a brand) that is sold a pair of shoes is given to a small child in a far away land. For anyone that needs a great pair of shoes that are light, yet comfy- you may want to look in to getting a pair of these. You will not only end up with a pair of shoes on your feet, but a warm place in your heart for the good deed you've done! I'm just sayin' This is the pair I ordered:

This weekend Ryan and I are meeting his parents for the A-day Game at Auburn. We are having dinner after. It should be fun. The weather will be nice- and we will get to see the new coach in action. I should have a full report on Monday.

Have a Happy Weekend!


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