Monday, April 20, 2009

The Verdict's In.

The verdict is in on a couple things. This weekend Ryan and I met his parents and my brother for Auburn's Spring Game, also known as A-day [sidenote- my parents came down after the game]. My friend Lacey, over at My Jewelery Box, suggested that I post about how The Tigers looked this weekend. I did say that I would have a full report on Monday-- So I had to call Ryan (see post back in February if you aren't sure who Ryan is). This is his take on the 2009 Auburn Tigers:

"I really like Chizik. He is a hard-working, hard-nosed type coach. He has a very hands on approach. [The Tigers] still have a good bit of work to do on offense. We still have to define a quarterback, but it's basically down to Cottle or Burns- let's hope Todd is not in the running at all. On defense [the tigers] look pretty solid-- but we always have a solid defense. That's just a given at Auburn."

Then he went on to say this:

"I was really thankful that I was able to watch the A-day game with such a Hott Girl like yourself..."

Okay- so he didn't say that last part. But he was thinking it. I'm sure.

Like I said I was at the game too- but I was having a hard time paying attention- first because Auburn was playing the Offense v. the Defense (I didn't get it) and second because we had two families sitting right in front of us and let's just say one of the daddy's was somewhat annoyed with his son, Brady. (I know Brady's name because I heard "SIT DOWN, BRADY" "DRINK THIS, BRADY" EAT A CARROT, BRADY") In my opinion he was being a bit harsh on ole, Brady, however, I don't have any children at this time- so who am I to have an opinion on parenting?

The Verdict about AUBURN= It's looking good.

I also read a book this weekend. (Yes, I found time to read an entire book) I read, The Reader, a novel by German law professor and judge, Bernhard Schlink. My cousin suggested this book- and I took him up on it. (Thanks Brad) Now, this book is neither light-hearted nor fun-loving, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is a story of a lady named Hanna-age 36, and a 15 year old boy named Michael, who have a love affair- if you want to call it that. As the story progresses several years down the road it ventures into the court room. The main character Michael faces a difficult moral challenge. I would never want to spoil a good book for anyone else, but I would advise stopping by your local book store and picking this one up.

The Verdict for The Reader = Good Book, but not for the faint of heart.

I think that's all I have for now. If anyone has any suggestions for a good book- please feel free to leave me a comment.

Courts Adjourn!

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