Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday with Harley: Arch Nemesis

So, you are all familiar with sweet little Harley. My beloved, albeit a bit over sized, Yorkie. He brings so much joy to my family. Everyone from my grandmother to my 1 year old cousin love for him to be around. I actually do not think there is anyone that doesn't fully embrace Harley. He just loves with his entire heart.

However, do not be fooled by this. He does have an Arch Nemesis, if you will. Harley carries nothing but hatred in his heart for this nasty beast. Harley and this, thing, even have to coexist in the same home, but they do not see each other on a daily basis. Oh, but when they do meet it is a bitter battle until Harley has seen to it that his arch nemesis turns and heads back to the closet it came from.

You may be asking yourself, What could it be? This monster must be hideous, scary or even witch like. Is it a cat? Must be. Dogs hate cats? No, my friends, Harley does not mind for a cat to be in his presence.

Harley's arch nemesis is none of the above. Not a monster. Not witch. Not even a cat. Harley's eternal enemy, the one he despises most, is none other than the *pause for effect* vacuum cleaner. It makes no difference the size or shape. Harley is bringing the same heat to the battle. The only person he truly effects with his antic is the person attempting to clean the house up a little bit. It doesn't even have to plugged up to solicit a response from Harley. He will just bark at it for being propped up somewhere. So to all you evil vacuum cleaners out there, watch your back. Harley will find you and he may even bite... see pictures below.

It starts out innocent enough, but Harley is at attention.

Then he gets closer to check it out. Hey Mr. Vacuum. Where you been hiding?

Then when the vacuum least expects it...BOOM. ATTACK!!

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Lacey said...

hahahaha!! Mona is soo scared of vacuum cleaners. So I usually chase her with it a little bit. that's not mean?

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