Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lying in a Field of Clovers

Pictured above: Tuesday's with Harley the Irish Yorkie and an old picture of a St. Patrick's Days gone by.
Today, as most of you are well aware, is St. Patrick's Day. Today is a celebration of my heritage. That's right. I am the off spring, of off spring, of off spring of an Irish family. Now I can't say that I know my full family history and for the longest time, as a child I had a real misconstrued version- You see, I had this uncle that told me (when i was like 5) that reason our last name was "Toland" was because when the boat came over from Ireland my great, great, great, great grandad longed to make history by being the first Irishman to touch American soil. So, he cut his toe off and threw it to the land... hence the name Toland-pronounced toeland. Kind of crazy that I believed him, but I was five.

Needless to say, I love St. Patrick's day and I try to wear green, so as not to be pinched. I also head out to the nearest pub to migle with fellow irishmen and women.

On another note, as an update to Friday's post, my cattle rustling was unsuccessful. Dad and I were able to get the baby calf into a "catch pin" however that's about the extent of it. Long story, short we tried to get a rope around him so that we could make him drink out of the bottle, but the calf got scared, started acting crazy and running head first into the fence (I was scared) and then he got his head stuck in the gate, which was not latched good, which subsequently flew open and the baby calf made a run for it. At that point, my dad drew the line. So the baby calf is on his on. My dad has gone to the farm several times to check on him and he has bonded with another baby calf- I think they are best friends. He has also been attempting to eat the sweet feed my dad bought for him. So I think he is going to be just fine.

Katie Beth- I sent your regards to the calf. He was extremely grateful for you kindness during his difficult times. He wanted to send a card, but he can't write-he's just a baby.

And one more thing... With it being St. Patrick's day I have the urge to watch the movie, Boondock Saints. It's about these two Irish brothers that decide to rid their hometown of Boston, Massachusetts of the crime, which is taking over. If you aren't going out tonight to celebrate then you should at least go by the local video store and rent Boondock Saints, in honor of the day.

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