Friday, March 6, 2009

On the agenda for the WEEKEND!

Well, folks... it's FRIDAY and Ryan and I have some great things lined up for the weekend. We are going to ride down to Auburn. I find myself, from time to time, just needing to head to the plains. We are actually going to the Auburn/LSU basketball game. You see, Ryan loves Auburn with his whole heart, but admitted that he has NEVER been to an Auburn basketball game. I was all... WHAT? WHY? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Given- we haven't had the best teams in the past decade, but it is still fun to go and cheer them on.

We are going to go down early Saturday morning and do some shopping downtown. (this portion of our day was my idea) Then we are going to go to Momma Goldberg's for lunch outside and off to the game we will go!!

If Auburn wins this game we will be eligible for the NCAA playoffs!! I will have a full report on Monday!!

In the meantime.... WAR EAGLE!

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