Monday, September 17, 2012

O.T.W. Auburn Football

Saturday Ryan and I ventured to Auburn for the Auburn vs. La. Monroe game. 

It was a beautiful day for football, albeit a little on the HOT side. I have sunburn lines in the shape of my dress to prove it. 

Auburn is having a tough year and I fear it's only going to get harder as we go up against even harder SEC Teams. I love my Tigers though and stand behind them 100%. It's hard to sit in a stadium and hear fans turn super negative during a game. 

It might be a very long season but the again we might just miraculously turn it around and dominate win several big games! Let's stay positive Auburn Fans. 

Please note how red my chest/neck is... Whoa. 

Tailgating with Ashley and Ali

Pregame with my main man.
See you next week for LSU!
War Eagle! 

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