Friday, September 7, 2012

Weekend Outlook: Nashville Bound

I'm hitting the road around lunch today to head to Nashville for my wild, red-headed, friend, Alana's Bachelorette Party.
Alan as Miley Cyrus 2008

For one night (of the two) on the town the MOH asked that we all wear a pink dress of our choosing. I'm on board with any fun coordinating bachelorette nonsense, but a pink dress did not live in my closet. I'm not really a pink dress kind of girl.

Hence, the search for a pink dress ensued...

I found one at TJ Maxx, ordered one off of Tobi, ordered one from F21, and bought one locally.

Yes, you read that right I went from NO pink dress to FOUR pink dresses. I a little crazy maybe.

Here they are in no particular order. I will have a full report next week regarding our weekend in which I will reveal the winner and which ones I sent back.

80's Throwback, a little too much?

High low in a darker pink?

How about a short jumpsuit in NEON pink? 

Or maybe this black and pink number?

So which one do you think is the winner?
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I will be knocking around Nashville in a pink dress of some sort. TGIF!!

1 comment:

Katie Beth Owens said...

I know ya'll are going to have a blast this weekend - I am jealous! I LOVE the hot pink jumper! Can't wait to hear what you picked ;)

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