Monday, September 24, 2012

O.T.W. AU vs. LSU

Good Monday to you.

Let's talk about what an awesome weekend Ryan and I had.

Friday night we stayed in, caught up on our DVR and had a pizza party. Perfection.

We turned in early because we had a big day ahead of us on Saturday.

Ryan and I were in Auburn by 10:00 a.m. Saturday ready for a day of tailgating nonsense. It was such a fun day.

Ready to take on the day; Blair, moi, Brittany, Kristen;  Katie Beth and me. 

I was so excited to get to see my BF, Katie Beth. This is crazy but I haven't seen her in real life since last football season. So I was super stoked to get to hug her neck.

Ali and I went to to the game while Ryan stayed behind at the tailgate spot to watch the game on TV.  Ali and I cheered our hearts out in an attempt to pull us through. It was a stressful game, but I had packed medicine in the form of bourbon minis so we were able to take a little bit of the stress off.

It was close. So close, but LSU came out on top with a score of 12-10. I was proud of our Tigers for holding their own. (although Ryan says there is no such thing as a moral victory--just wins and losses)

Ali and I cheering on Auburn.

After the game Ali and I headed to SkyBar for a couple of drinks, but it was so crowded that we finally decided it would be more fun to ease next door for a little healthy late night snack of McDonald's. #quarterpounderlatenight

Sunday was definitely a day of rest for this gal. It took it out of me but was oh so worth it.

It was a great weekend. I love football season!!

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