Monday, September 10, 2012

O.T.W-- Take Her Down to the Little White Church

Whirlwind weekend, I am here to tell you.

We went hard and made every second count. It was tough on this old broad, but I am a go-teamer and we had a bachelorette to celebrate.

We arrived in Nashville on Friday afternoon around 4:30, and hit the ground running.

Friday night we had dinner at The Tavern, which I would describe as an upscale sports bar. I dined on the Lobster Rolls and had no regrets.

After dinner we headed to the Broadway for bar hopping. First stop was The Stage on Broadway.

Next stop was Tequila Cowboy for some serious bull riding.

(don't worry we had a pair of shorts we shared so that no one was indecently exposed-- keep it classy yall)

As we got ready to leave Tequila Cowboy around 1:30 am, we realized a terrible storm had blown in to Nashville. So we grabbed a cab and took it on back to the hotel for safety.

In order for you to fully understand the severeness of the storm I reenacted it for you the next day.

These are what the tress/bushes look like in front of the hotel on a normal basis: 

Disregard the lighting. You can still take note of the upright tree/bush

This is what they looked like as we were running in to the hotel during the wee hours:

Scary stuff!

We were drenched in a matter of seconds from running from the taxi to the hotel. After harassing the front desk about getting in the basement, we were assured that there was no tornado and that the hotel had proper safety protocol in place in the event of a tornado.

We eventually went upstairs to our rooms and were just wild and crazy. The next morning we decided that we must have been the only people on that particular hall because we were SO LOUD and wild.

After what I call a brief nap (because a few hours of sleep does not qualify as sleeping soundly) we eased out of bed. At that point some of us enjoyed the buffet down stairs and then we regrouped to hit the town.

Appetizers and cocktails were enjoyed at Rippy's Ribs so that we could watch part of the Auburn Football game.

From Rippy's we ventured on over to the ever touristy Tootsie's (because what's a trip to Nashville without it).

I somehow got called out to join the singer on stage for a rendition of Kenny Chesney's Come Over. I can check that off the life list.

I did a little improvising and sang this version: Come over, come over, come over, Ryan Sanford, cooommmmee ovverrrr. 

I will probably be getting some offers to go "big" within the next week or so.

We only intended to stay at Tootsie for an hour or so but several hours later we emerged ready to take on the world.

After some lingerie partying (which was naughty indeed) we headed to Whiskey Kitchen for dinner.

After dinner we went back to Broadway to The Big Bang Piano Bar for some serious fun!

It was a rowdy weekend. A good ole honky tonkin' good time! Now, we just have to get Alana married off to her main man, Clint.

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Lacey said...

Good lawd it was wild and wonderful! I heart ever'body!

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