Tuesday, June 21, 2011

All I Do Is WIN, WIN, WIN...

Outside of being an Auburn Tiger and winning every single game last season... I have also been pretty prone to personally winning other things.

Albeit random stuff but winning all the same...

This one time when I was living with Deidra in Birmingham I got pretty down on my luck :: read I spent all my money eating out, partying, and buying Forever21 clothes, so I was in the hole financially and needed help. I called home and my mom politely told me I needed to make better financial decisions:: read: she wasn't hitting my with hundred spot to hold me over. In such a desperate time I did what any girl would do. No, I didn't take on another job at night!! I decided that I would listen to the radio all day long and try to win some money in a promotional type contest they had going on. You had to be the 9th caller in the 3:00 hour when you heard a certain song. Well, I waited all day for the 3 o'clock hour and then dang it if I wasn't on the phone doing real work when THE song was played. As soon as I could I called in... and a man picked up and said "WZZK YOU ARE CALLER NUMBER 9!!"" And just like that I won $104.70. If my last four digits had matched up with something it would have been $100,000 but alas they did not match, but a WIN is a WIN!

Skip a head a year or so...  You may recall back in 2008 when I won a pair of Current Elliot Jeans, valued at roughly $246.00. They were boyfriend and too big once they arrived via FedEx but they were expensive jeans. I might one day gain some weight and need a bigger pair of name brand jeans. I'll be prepared.

Then around Christmas of last year I found out I had won a year supply of hot pockets! WINNING! I'm telling you...

Then yesterday arrived.  It was a just a normal day... but in my world there is no such thing as normal. I have to be random in some way. So I went in to work:: read: boring day at the office, hit the gym:: read: making up for all the food I ate over the weekend, and then drove home while listening to the radio:: read: WON VIP TICKETS TO SEE RONNIE DUNN (of the retired duo brooks and dunn).

Not really even a fan... but here's hoping he sings My Maria! But I will probably have to settle for We all bleed Red

I was just driving along, phone in hand, radio up when the DJ said caller number 7 will win VIP tickets for a concert in August... so I dialed in. And lo and behold... I hear "YOU'RE CALLER NUMBER 7. STATE YOUR NAME!!!" I was all, " HEY!! I WON?? YAY!! THIS IS JESSICA SANFORD!"

This is where it gets random. I didn't really know the details of the concert I just assumed it would be in Birmingham and if Ryan didn't want to go then surly Deidra would and we could stay at her apartment or with friends.. and I heard VIP so I assumed that would mean celebrity status... potentially meet Ronnie Dunn and the opening acts. At the end of the day it would make for a fun Saturday night... whatevs.
Well, let me just say... I have indeed won VIP Tickets to see Ronnie Dunn (which I'm unsure if he is allowed to sing Brooks and Dunn songs which would be sad) in Atmore, Alabama at the Wind Creek Casino (read:: Creek Indian Reservation).

Oh  my goodness, I am super random. But this is what I have learned--- in life YOU HAVE GOT TO PLAY TO WIN. And here's the thing, I play it all.... hot pockets- yes, please!! Name Brand Denim- I will take it!! A T-shirt from a local drugstore in town- won it last week! And now, Ronnie Dunn live in person in the middle of nowhere surrounded by Indians- I'm booking my motha freakin' room!!

Here's hoping each thing I win gets better and better... because you better believe my ass plays the lottery every. single. time. I can!! I won't lose hope until I'm sitting on a cool mil one day!



Lacey said...

ole lucky sunofagun!!!

that's awesome and i still have those designer jeans of yours in a plastic baggie should you ever decide to gain weight/or get preg. haha!!

DrayaAnn said...

I have to say winning a years worth of hot pockets made me laugh so hard! it's just so random...i love it!

and if you get to meet ronnie you should tell him he has some sweet sweet hair for a older guy! :)

ps. cute blog!

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