Monday, June 20, 2011

O.T.W. - Wordless Weekend

This was supposed to be a post with only pictures, or that was my intention at least. However, I am a woman of far too many words to try that angle. For instance I can't NOT comment on how handsome Ryan is...  So here's our weekend in fewer words.


Quizzical DJ

Not exactly sure. I suppose at the time this felt right.

Oh look, HOTT Ryan driving.

Sunset on Saturday.

Wise Mr. Harley Toland

Refreshing swim, it was indeed.

In all honesty she answers to Crazy as well as Maggie.  Can't help but love her.

Father Grilling on Father's Day. mmmmmm


That's my Daddy!!

My sweet mama and her step dad BOB

My, full of life grandmother, Nelda!

Oh look, HOTT Ryan, again and this time I'm in the pic too. Not sure why I look so wild here. Potentially talking during the picture. 

What a perfect way to wrap up the weekend....
He wasn't aslpee he was just 'resting his eyes' in the recliner!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend too!

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