Monday, June 6, 2011

O.T.W- Whew, It was a Big One

Aw man, I had a great weekend spent right here:

Deidra and I loaded up on Friday and headed down to Sea Grove for a long weekend with the girls.

About half way there we made a pit stop in Andalusia for a some SnoBiz. Holla back if you love shaved ice.

Georgia Peach

There was a bachelorette involved and lots of beach time and shenanigans.

We feasted on some yummy food:

Oysters at Stinkey's

Found inspiration from some local artist:

I'm in love with this painting.

 Decide to bring back anklets:

And hopped on the bandwagon that is feathers in your hair:

It might be kind of hard to see, since my hair is wet but there are a couple feathers in there.
It was one of those weekends where pizza and ice cream was a good idea at 2 am, world problems were solved after enjoying many Lime Cacti, and the sunset while still sitting on the beach.

Overall, It was a great weekend in which we celebrated our friend Landon's upcoming nuptials and enjoyed some much needed girl time. 

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