Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun Facts:

TGIF, crazies!!

Here are some fun facts for ya:

1. Dirty Dancing sucks me in every. single. time. I mean, between Penny getting herself in a mess and Baby having to stand in for her... and then to toss in sexy Johnny and I will go ahead and give two hours of my life away. I actually did just that Wednesday night of the week (over a glass or two of wine I must add).

2. I read an article in the newspaper this morning which listed three ways to find instant calmness. The first two I could understand... One was about taking a deep breath and the other way to finding calmness was to eat a snack... but the last one is the one that got me. The third way to finding calmness read: Quick: Where's your tongue? Most likely it's resting on the roof of your mouth. "Those constricted muscles restrict breathing and signal your nervous system that it is under threat." says psychotherapist, Eddie Reece. Try relaxing your tongue and jaw, allowing our tongue to hang out along your lower jaw.  Ummm, that's odd, but I gave it a go. Here I am relaxing to the max at work:

And one more fun fact because two just isn't enough:

3. I am the most scatter-brained person you will ever meet. Type B to the max. I lost my debit card this week, and just as I was about to cancel it I found it my in the console of my car. Apparently after pumping gas I felt like putting it in there instead of back in my wallet. Then this morning as I was in a rush to get to work I meant to grab my wallet off the kitchen table and obviously grabbed Maggie's retractable leash instead. When I got to work I decided to buy a drink and when I went to grab my wallet I found the leash. Needless to say, I had to harass a co-worker for some change.  Such is my life.

Happy Weekend to All!

We've got a wedding in Ryan's hometown, so that's what we've got going on. See you on the otherside of the weekend for a little O.T.W. action.

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