Monday, April 11, 2011

O.T.W. One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure

What a good weekend. Pretty laid back for the most part.

Friday night Ryan and I met up with some friends at a local bar for drinks and good times. It was the perfect night to sit outside on the deck by the lake and have a few cocktails.

We didn't stay out too late because I had to be up early on Saturday morning to meet my grandmother. We had a date to hit up two estate sales in our area.

When I saw these two estate sales advertised in the local paper I knew just who to call. My grandmother, Nelda, is no stranger to the yard sale/estate sale circuit. She loves to check out yard sales on Saturday mornings, and if you're one of the lucky few she'll even hook you up with a treasure or two she's found along the way.

I'm sure at least everyone in my family has something that my grandmother has scoped out and paid no more that a dollar or two sitting around their house. She's good. What else can I say?

So I met her at eight o'clock Saturday morning in hopes of finding some cool vintage furniture (i.e. a china cabinet) to refinish or paint. I had no such luck on that front, but I did score some cool things.

Check out my loot:

Two gold deer for the book shelf in the living room: $3.00

A pair of black and gold studs: $1.00

Three funky fresh belts for dressing to dress up outfits this summer: $4.00

Glamorous vintage earrings: $3.00

Very Cool place mats (set of four): $2.50

Place mats in action = amazing!
And no, I didn't take one of these sweet boxer mix puppies home with me, but you can bet I  snuggled a few of them while we waited to enter the house. They were free to a good home, and you can bet any child in area had to have one. It was good thinking on someones part. Who doesn't love a puppy?

This weekend was also special because my life long pal, Alana, was in town for a visit. She's lives in Ohio now where she and her boyfriend, Clint, run a horse training business.

Saturday night in honor of her being in town I invited her and Clint over for a little cook-out. I snapped these pics:

Ain't my man handsome?

Family Picture. Find Maggie.

Love a man who can throw down on the grill. I sparkly heart nothing better than something hot off the grill for dinner.

However, I didn't take one picture of Alana and Clint, which is just ridiculous. So here's a link I jacked from her facebook because I like visuals of people and I'm sure you do too.

Click right here to check Alana and her boo Clint

Good weekend in my humble opinion. Got some good deals on some random stuff and had some good food and conversation with friends from both near and far.

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