Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dark & Stormy

Last night, we once again found ourselves weathering the storm. I know its been covered on all the national news channels, but when your in it, really in it, it's an entirely different story.

To know people who have been directly effected. Friends who have lost their home, people who have lost their business. A local camp, called Children's Harbor, here on Lake Martin took a direct hit last night. I'm not sure the extent of the damage but that's close to home.

In the state of Alabama alone, 128 fatalities have been reported and here's to hoping that number does not increase. 

It was a scary night. Mother Nature does not discriminate. To witness first hand how quickly the destruction can occur is mind-boggling.

One of the many tornadoes that came through the state.
We watched as the weatherman followed a storm right through our hometown. A neighbor was at our house seeking a "safe place" in our basement. The power blinked. The weatherman stated that a tornado was on the ground. He was naming places that were so close to home. The sirens were blaring, "SEEK SHELTER IMMEDIATELY." We were in our safe place. In four minutes it would be here, the weatherman would say. In nine minutes the tornado will be in this area, he would say. The power would blink again. We were in the basement unsure of what was to come. Probably more hyped up because we had been watching the storms all day. Seeing the damage and destruction in the wake of the storms. As the storm passed by, and headed to a neighboring town we waited. Our neighbor's parents live in the neighboring town. We waited. The storm finely made it passed that town and she tried to call. No answer. What a terrible feeling. She called again, no answer. The next news we got was that several ambulances had been sent to the area in which her parents live. Still no answer.
She finally got in touch with her parents. They were fine. Some of their neighbors were not.

The 'not knowing' and being unable to reach family and friends after the storm has passed is scary. We (my family and I) were some of the lucky ones. I am thankful for that, but not everyone was.

Please lift up the South today as you say your daily prayers. Pray for the people who have lost their home. Pray for the families who have lost a loved one.

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