Friday, February 18, 2011

"We're going to beat the #2 out of them"

Football can be taken a little too seriously apparently. This past Wednesday, news broke that someone had poisoned the 150 year old Oak Trees at Auburn University's famous Toomer's Corner with lethal amounts of a controlled poison.

For those of you not from the South... Toomer's Corner has been a tradition at Auburn University since the 1980's. After a victory fans race to the corner of Magnolia and College Street to roll the Oak Trees in celebration.

It's one of many great traditions at Auburn, and it saddens my heart that some crazed fan (of our rival team) was hateful enough to take such extreme action. Like I stated, these trees are 150 years old. I simply can't get my mind around it.

 Lacey and I after Auburn beat Tennessee in 2008. It had been a long day.

Ryan and I back in 2007 after Auburn knocked off Alabama for the 6th year in a row.

The irony in all of this from my personal stand point is that Wednesday around lunch I got home to find a random package on my door. I thought to myself, why would the dresses I ordered be in such weird boxes? Then it hit me... it was from the Auburn University Scool of Forestry!!
There were actually two of these boxes, however, I had already opened one and then staged this photo.
It was the Baby Toomer's Corner Trees. You see, for Christmas Ryan and I gave both my parents and his a Baby Toomer Tree and they've just been able to ship them due to the weather. (Auburn had to ship them when the temp wouldn't drop below freezing so they wouldn't die in transit)

Are you asking yourself what a baby toomer tree is? Well let me explain. As a fundraiser over the last couple of years the AU School of Forestry has taken the seedlings from the two oak trees at Toomer's Corner and fertilized and raised the seedlings. You can then purchase the seedlings to plant so that you will forever have a direct descendant of Toomer's Corner. It comes equipped with a roll of Auburn Toilet Paper, official papers certifying that the tree is indeed a decedent, and a tag from the forestry department stating the year seedling you received. (We have a 2008 seedling)

The trees will be planted in pots until they get somewhat bigger and then they will be transplanted.

I went ahead and 'rolled' the baby toomer just for fun!

I had no idea when purchased the seedlings back in December just how valuable they would be. My parents have a farm that my Dad and his siblings grew up on and that's where he will plant his Baby Toomer. Ryan's parent's recently purchased some land and they've already picked out the exact spot that the Baby Toomer Oak will be planted.

Who knew that on the day that news broke about an idiot poisoning our Toomer's Corner Oak Trees my Baby Toomer's would show up on our door step? Such freakin' irony.

As I mentioned it came with a roll of AU toilet paper which I plan to roll our very own Baby Toomers with the next time we win another National Championship, which I hope will be within the next few years!

I hate that a fan would take such extreme measures and I hope that no Auburn fan stoops as low as to retaliate.

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