Friday, February 4, 2011

"I feel like I've been shagged through the bushes backwards"

Just to quote Lisa, of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Let me tell you... I have loved watching this group of Beverly Hills Housewives. I think these housewives actually have tons of money, and aren't simply being posers who will eventually file bankruptcy.

If you have watched this season then you are well aware of Taylor's sad marriage and huge upper lip, Adrian's tinseled hair and rough housing children, Camille's failed marriage to Kelsey Grammar and crazy comments, Kyle's hunky husband, Lisa's permanent house guest gone awry, and Kim's difficulty in finding someone to share her life with. 

Boy this season was filled with drama, money, trips, and cat fights. But what season of Real Housewives isnt'? 

After the season came to an end with an explosive argument between Kim and Kyle (who happen to be sisters) I couldn't wait for the reunion.

Was it just me or was it was super awkward to even watch Kim and Kyle as host, Andy Cohen, inquired about the fight in the limo, the alleged alcohol problem, and the money issues on Kim's part?

It was very odd.
It was all very awkward in my opinion... but that's what I love about these shows. That's exactly what keeps me coming back for more- the drama, the nonsensical spending, the over the top outfits.

I think I watch in hope that one day I will be a real housewife. As in, Ryan goes to work and Mama (that's me) spends her days shopping, getting her nails done, and planning dinner parties...

I'll have to keep on dreaming!

Until then see you in Orange County, after we wrap ATL!!

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