Monday, February 7, 2011

The Story of the Living Room

You may remember this post regarding my dream living room...

Well, where my living room is today is no where near my inspiration room.
Inspiration Room
I started out attempting to recreate the look. I mean, I bought a cream colored couch and I even went so far as to order a Lucite coffee table. The couch I loved and kept (not sure I had an option there) but the coffee table went right back to CB2. It was too small in comparison to the couch.

Then I ordered an ottoman from overstock thinking it could function as a coffee table. The size and color were both wrong... and this purchase I could not return. So now we have a random ottoman. (I will eventually find a use for it).

After two failed attempts at purchasing a coffee table for the space, I decided to focus on other aspects of the room. So, I moved to paint color.  The inspiration room has a beige couch with beige walls... but after thinking and dwelling, and painting random test spots in our living room I decided beige on beige just isn't me!

Behr's Garden Wall
Then I ordered lots of pillow from CB2 in a variety of colors... orange, cream, and even a little green.

The pillows arrived and were spectacular... I would 100% recommend ordering pillows from CB2.

Once the pillows arrived I realized I had a few original pieces of art that would work well in the space. Of course, the funky dachshund would stay (in tribute to half of Maggie's heritage), and I pulled in a painting a bought on a whim at an art show (I suppose it spoke to me) as well as some original art work my brother did when he was 13 [not pictured].

Please disregard the football on the side table. So random... and not a part of the decor

Last week, I bit the bullet and purchased a really cool rug from Pier 1. I got a great deal on it... and it works great in our living room.

Now, I think I am going to refinish the existing coffee table and I need to decide on some kind of window treatment. Any suggestions?

I've probably gone about it all wrong, as I'm sure there is a more defined order one should go in when it comes to decorating a room. I have simply made purchases I love and have made it work. It's still very much a work in progress.

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Lacey said...

dig the rug--the room has really come together! very warm and inviting

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