Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gun Powder & Lead

Long time, no see, essay.

I've been super busy. As in, work is sucking it up, what with all these end of year reports I've had to complete.  Then last week I had to head out of town for training from Tuesday to Friday. So that was pretty intense and left me no room to blog. I mean, I could have done it over the weekend, but I ain't down with computer time on my off time. I think it has something to do with sitting at a computer for like 8 hours a day. I'm just sayin.

So speaking of training... It was intense, but I met some great people that work in the same field as me. It's always great to get a fresh perspective on things.

I was particularly fond of two girls who both happened to be from Illinois. They were sweet and on my level (a little bit or as much as is to be expected).

They decided I was the quintessential southern bell...  In their opinion, I was your stereotypical southern girl. Blond hair, blue eyes, sweet as honey, with a THICK southern drawl.  I had those gals fooled (about being so sweet any way)!!

Well, as they were explaining to me that I was just the typical southern girl it hit them at the same time who I reminded them of...


Now, this is nothing new for me. It's become quite the joke how many people have told me I look like Miranda. The first time I heard about this I was a young buck in a bar in Auburn and some guy was all... "You look just like Miranda Lambert. I think it's the cheek bones." I still haven't figured out where he was going with that... but he did not win my heart. (side note to any guys out there: do not comment on a girls cheek bones... that's weird. Go with something like "You have beautiful eyes" or "Your have the hottest bod." Don't go commenting on cheek bones or knees or anything else weird).

And so the  Miranda trend has continued. I don't know how much I agree, but I guess I should be flattered to be compared to any celebrity (unless it's Barbara Streisand, which happened one time too. I just plain ignored that)

So after my new friends referenced Miranda Lambert I got to thinking... What was it about me that causes people think of her?

Is it that we both have blond hair, blue eyes and apparently similar cheek bones?

Is it that people realize I am a natural performer just like Miranda?

Apparently we both have fans screaming, "You're number one!"

Or maybe it's that I favor her and my boo is tall, dark, and handsome just like hers?

I'm thinking if Ryan shaves his beard and slicks his hair back and we both tote around guitars... we have our next Halloween costume.

At the end of the day it may just be that she and I both have professional photo shoots in rustic settings? We even pose similarly- leaning to the left, showing no teeth, a bit cocky... If only I'd taken my damn guitar to my photo shoot.

Who knows exactly what it is, but Miranda is pretty, wild, and free... So I suppose I'll take it! 

It's just me and Charlie talkin'...

What's the low down with y'all? What celebrity have you been compared to?

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Lacey said...

HHHHHHHHahahaha great post my friend! All of the above, all of the above, with an emphasis on the mad performing skills.

Miranda also has the most nominations for the ACMs as well. Saw that in the Usa Today.

Speaking of Charlie--your cat= Charlie!

I get no celeb comparisons :/ However in discussions on who would play me in my life movie-I encourage hot tan people such as Eva Longaria, Eva Mendes..even tho I am of no Latin descent.

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